Recent Achievements

Spring 2021

The following students presented a paper at CAMWS 2021 (virtual):


Summer 2020

Marco Saldaña was accepted into the summer program at the American School for Classical Studies in Athens (program was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic)


Spring 2020 

The following student presented a paper at CAMWS 2020 (virtual):

  • Christopher King, "Homer on the Tragic Paradox"


Summer 2019

Nick Bolig was awarded the CAMWS Herbert Benario Award for participation in the "Greece from the Sea" summer seminar at the ASCSA

Chad Uhl participated in the "Greece from the Sea" summer seminar at the ASCSA

Connor Jennings participated in an ASCSA summer seminar on Thebes

Jack Rogers was a student in the Advanced intensive Ancient Greek program at the Latin/Greek Institute at the CUNY Graduate Center


Spring 2019 

The following MA students presented papers at the 2019 CAMWS meeting in Lincoln, NE:

  • Nick Bolig, "We Might Need Prophets Here: An Examination of Divinatory Perspectives in Aeschylus’ Oresteia"
  • Doug Hulsether, "Inspired Denial: Mourning and the Muses in Statius’ Thebaid"
  • Connor Jennings, "Oppositional Ideologies in Euripides' Cyclops"
  • Chad Uhl, "Crudelis Gloria: Casting the Nemean Serpent as a Genius Loci in Thebaid 5"
  • Chris Wilkins, "Tisiphone as an Internal Poet in Statius’ Thebaid"


Spring 2018

In April, three M.A. students presented research at the annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South in Albuquerque, NM:

  • Nick Bolig, "Where the Truth Lies: Euripides' Democratic Challenge in Helen"
  • Miriam Walski, “Positively Biased: Tacitus on the Mutinies in Panonia and Germany"
  • Michael Fons, “Reading Hypsipyle's Medea: Looking at the chronology of Ovid's Heroides 6 and 12"


Spring 2017

Spring 2017 M.A. graduate Michael Woo received the Mary A. Grant Award from The Classical Association of the Middle West and South.  The award - named in honor of Dr. Mary A. Grant from the University of Kansas - is a fellowship to attend the summer session of the American Academy in Rome.  In the fall, Michael will begin Ph.D. study at the University of Michigan.​


Spring 2014

Congratulations are in order for Josh Parr (M.A. 2014), who has won KU's Carlin Graduate Teaching Award after teaching CLSX 148 (Greek and Roman Mythology), and for Lizzy Adams (M.A. 2013), who has won KU's Outstanding Thesis Award for her thesis "Esse videtur: Occurrences of Heroic Clausulae in Cicero’s Orations".