Classical Humanities and Ancient History

Why Humanities and History?

Classical Humanities and Ancient History allows you to study the enduring legacy of the Greeks and Romans. Our department offers a wide range of courses in translation on the literature, culture, and history of the ancient world, together with its lasting influence today.

Classical Humanities and Ancient History at KU

Classical Humanities and Ancient History are offered at all levels by the Department of Classics. If you are fascinated by the ancient world and want to experience a liberal arts-style degree, then this is the place for you!

There is a wide variety of classes in translation for you to choose from, most without prerequisites. This maximizes flexibility and allows you to personalize your study, from the introductory level through to advanced research. Additionally, nearly all of these classes meet the requirements of the KU Core.


If you haven't studied the ancient world before, the best place to start is by enrolling inone of our introductory 100-level courses.

Our first-year seminar, CLSX 177, is a great foundation for your studies at KU. Recent topics include the ancient roots of modern politics.

For students interested in the history of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as Egypt and the Near East, CLSX 105 Introduction to Ancient Near Eastern and Greek History and CLSX 106 Introduction to Roman History are ideal. You can also try on your Indiana Jones hat in CLSX 151 Introduction to Greek and Roman Archaeology.

If you're more interested in ancient myth and literature, CLSX 148/149 Greek and Roman Mythology and CLSX 168/169 Ancient Epic Tales offer a launch pad for further exploration of literature and religion. CLSX 171 Ancient Ethical Problems will lead you through some of the fundamental ethical questions in Greek and Roman philosophy.


After having a taste of Classics in some of our introductory courses, you will be able to make the most of our intermediate offerings at the 300 and 400-level.

Popular courses offered regularly include CLSX 310 Greek Rhetoric in Theory and Practice, CLSX 320 Roman Oratory in Theory and Practice, CLSX 384 Ethics in Greek Tragedy, and CLSX 332 Medical Terminology: Greek and Latin Roots. We also have many other courses on topics as diverse as Greek and Roman history, politics, art, magic, athletics, and food. In some years you can also take CLSX 230/330 Greek Culture and Civilization or CLSX 240/340 Roman Culture and Civilization with a Spring Break study-abroad.


500-level Classical Humanities and Ancient History courses are advanced undergraduate courses. They typically involve more in-depth study of a particular topic and involve discussion of the latest scholarship in the field. The advanced-level ancient history courses (CLSX 502 The Age of Heroes, CLSX 504 Rise of Athens and Sparta, CLSX 506 Roman Republic, CLSX 507 Early Roman Empire, CLSX 508 Late Roman Empire) usually rotate every year.


Not every course is offered every semester. Check our current course list to see which courses are currently being offered.

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