Classics for Everyone Essay Contest

As part of our effort to increase awareness of Classics in the KU community and to encourage our students to delve the ancient world outside of the classroom, in 2021 the Department of Classics introduced the Classics for Everyone Essay Contest.

A cash prize and immortal glory is awarded to the best essay in response to a different prompt each year. The inaugural honors went to Luca StockWil for an essay in response to the question: "Why study Classics in 2021?" We hope that Luca's answer and future submissions will inspire others to explore the ancient world for themselves!

You can read the prize essays below. 

Photo of Luca StockWil

Luca StockWil - 2021 Winner

"Classics is everywhere, and studying it at the core, what the Romans, the Greeks, the ancient civilizations of our world were all about, allows us to think critically, tell stories, and most importantly, connect with cultures other than our own. Today, connectivity and a sense of global community are so important, and with hard diseases that try to divide us, a sense of togetherness is something to strive for."

You can read Luca's essay here.