Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Skyring, CC BY-SA 4.0

Welcome to the Department of Classics

Classics is the gateway to the people, languages, cultures, and legacies of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.

Are you intrigued by the myths of Heracles and Odysseus, Romulus and Remus? Or are you fascinated by Sappho, Socrates, Caesar, and Cleopatra? Do you want to unearth the past, walk the streets of Pompeii, meet the Olympian gods, and explore the world of early Christianity? Or are you looking to delve into some of the greatest works of philosophy and to examine the ancient models of the US Constitution? Then Classics is for you!

Why Classics?

The Roman Forum on a rainy day in fall 2016

What is Classics?

Classics is the integrated study of ancient Greek and Roman civilization through its languages, its literature, and its artistic and archaeological remains.
Our faculty offer award-winning teaching, mentoring, and research.


Our faculty offer award-winning teaching, mentoring, and research.
Students working on a remote dig site.

Student Testimonials

Meet the students in our department and learn more about their interests.
Professor Stinson giving a seminar about his research at Aphrodisias in western Turkey.

Our courses

We offer a broad range of courses in the languages, literatures, and material cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.

Our Undergraduate Program

The Department of Classics offers BA and BGS degrees, as well as Minors in Classical Languages and Classical Antiquity.
Display of student work from the Wilcox Classical Museum

Information on our MA Program

The Department of Classics offers advanced course work in the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Students are expected to study the classical languages (Greek and Latin) and literatures as well as the art and archaeological remains of the Greek and Roman worlds.
Fresco image of Sappho from Pompeii

Spotlights on the KU Classics department

Wilcox Classical Museum in Lippincott Hall on The University of Kansas campus

Reimagining the Wilcox Classical Museum

Visit the Wilcox Classical Museum, a cornerstone of KU's cultural heritage!
MA students graduating

MA applications now open!

Applications are now open for our fully-funded, 2-year MA in Classics.
Photo of new faculty

New Faculty for Fall '24

We are delighted to welcome Sarah Cullinan Herring, Christina DiFabio, and Chad Holmes to our department for Fall '24.
Students on The University of Kansas campus

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

The Classics Department is committed to fostering greater multicultural awareness and inclusion, and helping students with different backgrounds and needs to succeed.

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