Students normally apply for the program in the junior year, and not later than their seventh semester at KU. Admission standards depend not only on academic record but also on the demonstrated ability to continue with accelerated work, as determined by the department's admissions committee (to include the Chair, Director of Graduate Studies, and Undergraduate Director).

Application to the program requires:

  • A brief statement of purpose
  • A writing sample
  • Three letters of recommendation (two of which must be from KU Classics faculty)
  • One official transcript
  • A 3.5 GPA in the major (slightly lower would be acceptable with especially strong letters of recommendation).

Candidacy will be reviewed in the seventh semester. If the committee decides at that time that the candidate is not suited to continue with the accelerated program, or if the student no longer wishes to pursue the MA, the student will be eligible to earn the BA as soon as those requirements have been met. Should the student not be able to complete the MA in the fifth year, provided he/she is in good standing the student may continue into a sixth year.