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Today the department has eight faculty members: three Latinists, three Hellenists, one Greek archaeologist and art historian, and one Roman archaeologist and art historian. Most of our scholarship and teaching is interdisciplinary, and the boundaries between our various disciplines are fluid and permeable. Every member of the faculty has at least one research specialty closely related to the canonical Greek and Latin texts, or to the equally canonical monuments of ancient art and archaeology. But each is also currently involved in scholarship that goes beyond the traditional confines of the canon. This shared ability to work both inside and outside the traditional boundaries of classical studies serves the department well. Our students’ grounding in the essentials is firm but not narrow.


U research group designated asWALC (Water,Archaeology,Landscapes,and Culture),
which is externally funded by grants awarded to KU by the U.S.Army Research Office,and is
composed of faculty in Classics,Anthropology,Geography and Geology
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