College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dr. Will Bruce

Visiting Assistant Professor
Primary office:
Wescoe, Rm 1034


Dr. Bruce is an archaeologist and has worked in projects in Greece, Italy, and Turkey. He has been the senior archaeologist at the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis since 2012, and his research focuses on the political and social changes which occur during the transformation of Sardis from the capital of the Lydian kingdom to a satrapy of the Persian empire as well as Sardis’ situation as a point of cultural exchange between the Aegean and Near Eastern worlds. His fieldwork has been focused for the past nine years on the site of the Lydian palace at Sardis where he has excavated contexts ranging from the Byzantine period to the early Bronze Age. Dr. Bruce joined KU’s faculty in 2019 and is looking forward to engaging students in their coursework and research projects.


Ph.D. Classics & Greek: University of Wisconsin-Madison

American School of Classical Studies in Athens Regular Member 2008-2009

M.A. Classical Studies: University of Florida

B.A. Classics & English: University of Florida


Teaching Interests:

  • Greek and Roman Archaeology
  • Greek and Roman History and Literature
  • Ancient Science
  • Ancient Athletics


Research Interests:

  • Archaeology of Greece and Anatolia
  • Religion
  • Coinage
  • Greek Lyric Poetry

Selected Publications

Bruce, W. 2015 ‘Sardis, Ritual Egg Deposit’ in The Archaeology of Food, edited by K. Metheny, 449-450. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Bruce, W., and K.Jackson 2017 ‘Toward a Typology of Triangular Bronze Hekate Bases: Contextualizing a Recent Find from Sardis,’ Journal of Roman Archaeology 30, 509-516

Bruce, W. 2019 ‘Life Outside the Walls before the Seleucids,’ in Spear-Won Land: Sardis, from the King’s Peace to the Peace of Apamea, edited by A.Berlin and P.Kosmin. University of Wisconsin Press

Selected Presentations

‘Lydian Religion, Graffiti, and Hipponax fr.3a’ for the workshop ''The Lydians and their Neighbors: Ethnolinguistic Identities and Cultural Contact in Anatolia around 800-500 BC" at the Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington D.C. 2019

‘American Excavation in Turkey and Cultural Heritage,’ Gustavus Adolphus College: After Chapel Group, St. Peter, MN 2019

‘Industry, Cult, and Puppy Dinners in the Suburbs at Sardis,’ Boston, MA, ASOR Annual Meeting 2017

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