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Classical Antiquity


The Classical Antiquity major consists of 30 hours of course work beyond the language proficiency requirement in Latin and/or Greek (see below). The major is designed to encourage interdisciplinary understanding of ancient Greek and Roman cultures while maximizing student flexibility. Of the hours taken to complete the major, 15 must be Jr/Sr hours, i.e., at the 300 level or above. Beginning in Fall semester 2013, this major will have two tracks: Classical Archaeology, and Classical Humanities. Language requirement for both tracks: 4-semester proficiency in Latin or ancient Greek, or four semesters combined Greek and/or Latin, or the equivalent.

Classical Archaeology Track:
15 hours from list A, 6 hours from list B, and 9 additional hours from lists A, B, and C.

Classical Humanities Track:
15 hours from list B, 6 hours from list A, and 9 additional hours from lists A, B, and C.

List A - Classical Archaeology

CLSX 151/351 Introduction to Classical Archaeology
CLSX 305 Introduction to Greek and Roman Art
CLSX 325/525 Aegean Art and Archaeology
CLSX 326/526 Greek Art and Archaeology
CLSX 327/527 Roman Art and Archaeology
CLSX 529 Near Eastern Art and Archaeology
CLSX 538 Pompeii and Herculaneum
CLSX 577 Topics in the Archaeology and Art of the Ancient Mediterranean:__________*
ANTH 410 Archaeological Myths and Realities
ANTH 418 Summer Archaeological Fieldwork
ANTH 419 Training in Fieldwork

Other courses may be substituted but require written permission from the Chair.

List B - Humanities

CLSX 148/149 Greek and Roman Mythology
CLSX 210 Greek Rhetoric in Theory and Practice
CLSX 230/330 Greek Literature and Civilization
CLSX 240/340 Roman Literature and Civilization
CLSX 384 The Rise of Greek Tragedy
CLSX 388 Poetry and Politics in 5th Century Athens
CLSX 576 Topics in Greek and Roman Literature:__________*
PHIL 384 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 508 Early Greek Philosophy
PHIL 605 Plato
PHIL 607 Aristotle
PHIL 608 Hellenistic Philosophy
HWC 304 Masterpieces of World Literature

LAT/GRK courses beyond those used to satisfy the language requirement may also be counted under List B.

Other courses may be substituted but require written permission from the Chair.

List C - Electives

CLSX 232/332 Word Power/Scientific Word Power
CLSX 350 Modern Themes, Ancient Models
CLSX 374 Gender and Sexuality, Ancient and Modern
CLSX 375 Studies in __________*
CLSX 496 Honors Thesis
CLSX 502 History and Development of Ancient Greece
CLSX 515 Gender and Sexuality in Greek Culture
CLSX 516 Gender and Sexuality in Roman Culture
CLSX 550 Capstone in Classics
CLSX 570 Study Abroad Topics in Greek and Roman Culture
CLSX 575 Readings in __________*
CLSX 675 Readings in __________*
HIST 402 Roman Military History
HIST 506 Roman Republic
HIST 507 Early Roman Empire
HIST 508 Late Roman Empire
LING 106 Introduction to Linguistics
REL 525 Jews and Christians in Greco-Roman Antiquity
REL 526 Jewish History and Literature in the Greek and Roman Periods
REL 527 Ancient Mesopotamian Culture and Religion
REL 530 Christian Origins: From the Beginning to Constantine

Courses from lists A and B may also be used as electives if not used for A or B.


Honors for the Classical Antiquity Major requires the student to write an honors essay. This requires acceptance into the Classics honors program by the chairperson or major advisor, and enrollment in CLSX 496. Students interested in this option should discuss their plans with an adviser as early as their junior year. The deadline for approval of the proposed project is the Advising/Enrollment period of the fall before the student's final semester (for May graduation). Students are advised that some preparation before the final semester is desirable (and may even be required for certain projects). Students must have an overall GPA of 3.25 and a major GPA of 3.50 to be eligible. See the website for the College for more information.

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