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When I came to the University of Kansas as a freshman I was determined: I was going to become a doctor. My first and second semester, I stayed true to this course. I took the classes that would get me into med school, but my second semester, I happened to find myself in a class that had nothing to do with pre-med. I walked into the first day of CLSX 148, Greek and Roman Mythology, skeptical about how this would help me to achieve my college goals.  Little did I know that this class would change my entire college experience. I found myself thoroughly enjoying this class more than any of my other classes but wanting to know more than just the myths of classical antiquity. I wished to immerse myself into ancient Greek and Roman culture. I became a Supplemental Instruction leader for the mythology class I had taken the previous semester, and I was sold. By the end of that year, I was no longer pre-med and had declared a Classics major. In looking back on my college experience thus far, I cannot imagine where I would be without the knowledge I have gained as a Classics major. There is no degree, no course of study that truly supplements every other aspect of learning, like Classics does.
Paul Thomas  
When I came to KU, I decided to purse my dream of studying Latin. I was required to take only four semesters of a foreign language, but because I enjoyed my Classics courses and professors so much, I ended up taking eight. My positive experience with Latin led me to branch out and study other related subjects, and I soon was wrapped up in the world of Classics. During my sophomore year, I was lucky enough to get involved with Undergraduate Research. Working with Prof. Stinson, I conducted an archaeological survey of a early 20th c. chapel ruin near Ottawa, KS. This was one of the many experiences I had as a Classics major that helped enrich my university education. In the span of four years, I have truly learned what it means to be a young scholar. I will forever be thankful to the wonderful professors in the department who were helpful, supportive, and enjoyable. Considering how many doors opened for me, I cannot imagine what my KU journey would have been like without the Classics program.


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