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Since the summer of 2011, Professor John Younger has participated in the new excavations of Gournia, a Late Minoan village site in east Crete.  The excavations are directed by L.Vance Watrous of the University of Buffalo.  KU undergraduate and graduate students may apply to participate in the excavations as well.


Professor Stinson belongs to a KU research group that studies the traditional, and endangered, water systems of Afghanistan.  The project's team members are faculty and graduate students in Anthropology, Geography, Geology and Classics, including Professor Phil Stinson.  Several graduate students within the Classics Department have helped with various facets of this research.

U research group designated asWALC (Water,Archaeology,Landscapes,and Culture),
which is externally funded by grants awarded to KU by the U.S.Army Research Office,and is
composed of faculty in Classics,Anthropology,Geography and Geology
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