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Faculty Books

Sappho. Complete Poems and Fragments (2016)

By Stanley Lombardo. Introduction by Pamela Gordon

Aphrodisias VII. The Civil Basilica (2016)

By Philip Stinson

Tarpeia. Workings of a Roman Myth (2015)

By Tara Welch

Dream, Fantasy, and Visual Art in Roman Elegy (2015)

By Emma Scioli

Oxford Readings in Classical Studies, Propertius (2013)

Edited by Ellen Greene and Tara Welch

The Invention and Gendering of Epicurus (2012)

By Pamela Gordon

Sub imagine somni: Nighttime Phenomena in Greco-Roman Culture (2010)

Edited by Emma Scioli and Christine Walde

Imperium and Cosmos. Augustus and the Northern Campus Martius (2009)

By Paul Rehak, edited by John Younger

The Elegiac Cityscape. Propertius and the Meaning of Roman Monuments (2005)

By Tara Welch

Sex in the Ancient World, from A to Z (2004)

By John Younger

The Ancient City of Sardis: Approaches in Graphic Recording, exhibition catalogue (2003) 

Crawford H. Greenewalt, Jr., Nicholas D. Cahill, Philip T. Stinson, and Fikret K. Yegül

Music in the Aegean Bronze Age (1998)

By John Younger

Epicurus in Lycia. The Second-Century World of Diogenes of Oenoanda (1996)

By Pamela Gordon

Select Books by Retired Faculty

Lerna, VII: The Neolithic Settlement (2015)
By Elizabeth C. Banks

Sexing the World: Grammatical Gender and Biological Sex in Ancient Rome (2015)
By Anthony Corbeill

Metamorphoses (2010)
Translated by Stanley Lombardo

Inferno (2008)
Translated by Stanley Lombardo

Aeneid (2005)
Translated by Stanley Lombardo
Nature Embodied: Gesture in Ancient Rome (2003)
By Anthony Corbeill

Odyssey (2000)
Translated by Stanley Lombardo

Controlling Laughter: Political Humor in the Late Roman Republic (1997)
By Anthony Corbeill

Illiad (1997)
Translated by Stanley Lombardo




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